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The TSA Men's Ministry "Men In Action" (MIA) is working to meet the needs of those affected by Natural Disaster.  We will be coordinating with FEMA as a supply center and will need your help identifying those in need and helping to meet those needs.

We need your help identifying anyone in need of assistance. We're asking you to please send an email to with the area, name, address and details of what is needed.

Need Help? 

Contributions, Donating Supplies, Gift Cards etc.... (See Disaster Relief Supply List).

How YOU Can Get Involved

To help the MIA Ministry with this tremendous task, please let us know how you would like to assist in these efforts by emailing the following information.

  • Where can you provide assistance (county, city or otherwise)?

  • When are you available?  (Days of the week, Hours, Times etc...)

How to Stay Connected

Please forward this information to anyone not on our emailing list.


  • Want to join our mailing list for the latest news?  - CLICK HERE 

  • Send in your Men's Ministry Officers & Leaders contact info to this email or THIS LINK.


Visit us online at the following sites:


Please Note


FEMA Is A Disaster Assistance Agency and the Monetary Assistance Per Household Is $33,300.


If You Have Been Impacted By A Natural Disaster, Please Contact the Registrar:

PH: 1-800-621-3362 Website:

In His Service,


TSA Men's Ministry

Bro. Preston Ervin, Jr., President
Bro. Gerald McWashington, Vice President
Bro. Selwyn Smith, Secretary
Bro. Farris Colvin, Treasurer
Bro. Torrance Smith, Director Men In Action
Bro. Otis Johnson, Men In Action
Bro. Bro. Anthony Mayshack, Athletic Director
Bro. Ed White, Parliamentarian
Pastor Albert Wright, State Chairman

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