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Men 2 Men


Support, encouragement & interaction with other individuals, Men’s Ministries and organizations to help fulfill our purpose as well as strengthening the brotherly bond.

Cross Talk Sessions


Various topics dealing with day to day life as a man in America discussed and resolved with the Word of God as the principal rule and guiding doctrine.

Classic Cars


Bridging the gap between young men from single and/or duel parent homes and vehicle appreciation and maintenance via the sharing of information regarding various aspects of vehicle subject matter.

Men In Action

Special projects of varying degrees and purpose. From working with and assisting other congregations to helping the community with such tasks as emergency assistance, construction and/or professional services.

Education & Training


Teaching and training ministry members in life skills & biblical principles. The education and training (both public and private) is only limited by our ability to imagine. 

Injustice to Justice


A national database of all elected judges that includes their political leanings, arguments and, most importantly, decisions/convictions. 

Our Ministries


The TSA Men's Ministry seeks to better our members professionally, personally and spiritually. We seek to do this through good, meaningful, Christian fellowship and work.



Taking a brief break to enjoy the fellowship of brothers via group sporting activities and special recreational and/or community events.

Survey of Professional Gifts & Talents


It's hard to use what you don't know you possess. An active survey to build a database of membership education, careers, backgrounds and everything in between to better understand who God has placed in our midst.

Youth 2 Men


Mentoring any and all that God has placed before us. We want to actively identify, touch base with and work with as many young, impressionable minds as we can.

Advisory Council

The Leadership Body of the TSA Men's Ministry. Our Elected & Appointed Officers, Committee Chairs, Officers of Participating Local Congregations, etc... Knowing who's in charge.

Elderly Home Repair Team (EHRT)

Our Ministry Outreach Team that works with our older brothers and sisters to aid them in the general repair, maintenance and upkeep of their homes.  

Financial Literacy & Stewardship

Based on Biblical principles, as God has blessed us with the ability to learn, labor and produce, we've also been charged with being good stewards of these blessings. This Ministry provides the education to do so.  

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