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Monetary Gifting

Make a Tax Deductible Gift to the TSA Men's Ministry.

As we work diligently to promote an intelligent, active, personal interest in the worldwide mission of the Church of God for our members in particular and the community in general, your assistance is sorely needed and appreciated.


Help us ensure the relevance, viability and success of the TSA Men's Ministry by making a donation today. No amount is too great or too small.

What we do TODAY will determine our success TOMORROW!!!

Encourage a Brother Today!

"As Iron Sharpens Iron, So One Man Sharpens Another !!!"

Proverbs 27: 17 (NIV)

In Kind Gifting 


"Gifting" comes in many forms. While monetary donations are always needed and greatly appreciated, there are other kinds of giving that can be just as meaningful and effective.

"In Kind" giving is any sort of donation one would like to give that not's monetary or financial. As we are always just finishing or preparing for the next project, your donations can go a long way for a family or community struck with hard times. From canned and non-perishable good/food items to carpeting/furniture to electronics to lumber/sheet rock to your personal sweat equity. NO In Kind donation is too large or small. You never know how your donation may bless someone, but you'll never know if you don't take the 1st step by contacting us and letting us know what you'd like to donate.

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